October 17, 2009

My goddess is found

The goddess is found.

At this minute, at this point in my journey, I am seeing her all around me. 

Little things have pointed me to her, showed me she is watching.

Her name even, finally revealed.

Freya. "The Lady", the mistress, the origin of the name of the day Friday?

Warrior goddess, goddess of sensual love.

I did some research and found this.

I cannot vouch for how much of it is historical fact, but the quote at the very bottom of the page is what really stood out to me.

"The goddess Freya reminds us to explore and acknowledge all of our emotions, longings, and traits, even those we wish we didn't possess".

This is the journey I have been on for months, exploring and acknowledging all that is part of me. 

I can now put a name to the "face" that has been in my thoughts, and now I understand why it was not revealed before now.

I have had two visions/dreams in which she appeared, but was behind me both times.

She was behind me because she was pushing me, guiding me with loving care. Not just in my visions, but in life, into situations that would take me to places I had never gone before, or more aptly, places I did not want to go.

Places in my mind, in my heart. Places where love flooded out to drown those around me, but left me feeling empty. Places where fear, and anger, and self loathing had festered and boiled, places where doubt, laziness, and false hopes sprang up like thistles and brambles to tear at the fragile skin of my ego.

I have an ego, for I am human. I am "exploring and acknowledging" my emotions, even the ones I wish I didn't have, and learning to let logic have its place, to achieve "balance" in the way I think and act.

Freya is my goddess, she is with me, teaching, leading, guiding.

I am grateful.   

I discovered this on photobucket, it is the best representation I've found of what I have seen of her in my visions. The main thing I remember was that the clouds/mist were of a bluish hue, and her hair was sort of a blond color, with the "flowy" part of it also having the bluish tint to it.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you two have finally "met" Rayden...I wish you many happy meetings from now on.

You sound so positive...it's really lovely to read your posts!

Freya is also very close to us here...my eldest son follows The Norse Path.

Lyon said...

I too am happy for you, Rayden. This is a big step! It's also interesting to me because another friend I know in the physical world was just tapped by Freya as well. She keeps popping up. At any rate, I wish you many blessings on your journey now that you have a better idea of who you're walking with. =)

The Traveler said...

I'm happy for you also =). I was just reading something about Freya the other day. Looks like she's making her presence known to a lot of people.

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Ooh Rayden, how neat! This is very exciting :)