January 12, 2010

Chapter 3: Companions

The Stag Warrior peered down his path, the view obscured a bit in the distance, the dust swirling still, as it seemed to do all the time, being lifted and sifted through the trees dotting the edges of the thoroughfare. He had been walking his path for some time now, several weeks in fact. The monotony of the walk had set in, nothing but rock after rock, tree after tree, this section of his journey seemingly stretching on forever with no visible change of the terrain. Ennui had taken over his mind, day after day the same thing, and he began to wonder if this was even worth doing.

About that time when all his mind was dreaming up were thoughts of stopping, thoughts of just sitting down somewhere, making shelter, and staying put, he looked up and what he saw snapped him out of his reverie. There was what appeared to be another path, intersecting his own, and yet also a part of it, as though there were two paths, but one destination. Yes, that was it, a path quite close to his own, parallel to his, and here the two became one. This required some investigation.

Before he had moved three steps further the being appeared. At first only a shadow, as the swirling dust had the effect of providing a sort of shield to normal vision, but then shortly, as he drew closer, he could make out the form of someone quite like himself, yet slightly different. This being was from another town, another tribe perhaps, and was not male. As he approached her, he could see that she had been walking a long time as well, her clothes even more dusty than his, if that were possible, or maybe that was just the dull tan and brown color the attire appeared to be. She wore a waist length denim jacket and jeans, along with hiking boots, and a black bandanna on her head that covered some of her long red and very curly hair. She carried a pack much like his own, a rucksack, except hers was smaller.

There was something familiar about this woman, and a memory he had placed in the back of his mind long ago suddenly came back to him, and as he finally reached her, and saw her face, he knew. It was her. No one else had those grayish green eyes. She had been a friend, a companion, years ago, when he was on a different path, and had traveled with him for a time, and then she was gone. Now she had returned, after so much time, so much distance traveled, her path to join his once again. He was elated! His boredom had vanished, now here was someone who knew, someone who cared, and who would be his companion on this path like she had been on his last.

He talked with her at length, catching up on her individual observances and experiences since they had last traveled together, and as it turned out, she was quite knowledgeable about this path, having traveled it for many years more than he, and she prevailed on him to follow the direction she pointed out. He did so, with her right beside him all the way, and as they walked together, the winds stopped howling and became only a whisper of their former ferocity, and the dust began to settle just a bit, making other paths visible, on either side, parallel to the one they were on, as hers had been.

He began to see more intersections up ahead, where some of those paths crossed theirs, other people were there also, and even behind, why had he not seen them before? He now realized they had been there all along. He had not seen them, or rather ignored them, thinking this path was his alone. There were others walking the path as they were, some faster, some slower, some ahead, some behind, but all going somewhere. Small groups he could see, several people together walking, paths crossing and uncrossing, people coming and going. Everyone on a journey. As they walked others joined them, some old and familiar faces, others new. New friendships were made, and his path became that of many others, some for a short time, as their path took them in another direction, but others stayed, and walked with him as she did. Always guiding him, helping him see the obstacles ahead, always there when he lost his footing, or failed to see a danger ahead.

He began to feel a change in his thinking. This path was not just his. Everyone had a journey of their own, but it did not mean it had to be a lonely one, a solitary one. People were everywhere along the path, there were friends to be made, relationships to forge, for his journey was not just a transition from a starting point to some obscure destination far away, it was and is an experience of humanity. It was now a joy to wake up, see the sun rise, and greet the day knowing there were others on the same road as he, tackling the same obstacles, dealing with the same storms. Companions were always available. One just had to look up and see them, greet them, and invite them to walk along for as long as they were able.

No one man, no one person, was ever truly alone.

January 8, 2010

New blog

Hello there, just wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to start a new blog. I intend to use this one for only my "chapter" posts, and my new one for everything else. The new one is called "The Stag Warrior Speaks". I've written the first post over there already, so please, feel free to click the link and go check it out.

Thanks and have a great evening.

January 6, 2010

Chapter 3 is coming, and a thank you

Just a quick note tonight to let everyone know that Chapter 3 of The Stag Warrior's journey is in the works, and should be "on paper" in a few days time. I have been meaning to write something to let everyone know that the saga will continue, but as you'll see below, I have new incentive to write it. It's been a learning experience and one of deep inner contemplation at times. I learn from myself as I write, more each time, about who and what I am, and who and what I wish to become. My life in the "real" world is no different than that of anyone else, but I find that writing that way helps me to focus, and to process my thoughts in a more imaginative way. Imagination and visualization go hand in hand, and if it can be imagined, it CAN be done.

I got the surprise of my life yesterday morning reading "Turn-around Tuesdays" at The Soccer Mom's Guide to Wicca. Fae had posted an entry about the first two chapters of my saga, but that wasn't the surprise, as she had informed me in advance. She gave me the biggest compliments in her descriptions of me and my blog, and Fae, all I can say is, thank you so much for making my day with your kind words. I am "a quite talented writer"?  Wow! You have made The Stag Warrior's journey, on this day, just that much brighter. Thanks again.

And for anyone who has not checked out Fae and Juniper's blog, please do, they are both TRUE talented writers, and have a lot to offer. Just click the link above and it will take you to their home page.

Blessings to all of you on YOUR journey!