February 9, 2010

Chapter 4: The One

The Stag Warrior awoke to the bright sun in his face, as he did every morning. This morning was a chilly morning, and the ground was covered in a blanket of snow. The last week or so had been pretty brutal in the weather department, as two winter storms had brought frigid temperatures and for the first time in a very long while, had brought snow to the Stag Warrior's path. As a matter of fact, the snow that had fallen last week, causing him to find "indoor" shelter in a cave, had been the deepest snow he had seen since being a child.

This time, the snow was barely enough to cover the ground, as the grass and shrubbery on either side of the path was still visible, so today's journey would not be hampered by the frozen precipitation. He glanced out to the path in front of him, still wiping sleep from his eyes, and saw his usual companions on their paths, going about their lives alongside of his, and knew all was well. Nothing unusual about today, nothing out of the ordinary would happen. Just he and his path, traveling along like everyone else did on their path.

And then, of course, something unusual DID happen.

Another person came to join him on his path, but this person, this woman, she was, well, not like anyone else he had encountered. He clothes flowed around her as she walked, her body so graceful in movement. She had the most beautiful face, brown eyes, dark hair, and the most gorgeous smile. Her arms, her hands, her feet, her entire body seemed to have been constructed from the very exact specifications of his dreams, she was everything he had ever wanted a woman to be. No one else had ever looked to him to be so perfect in form, so precisely crafted as though for him alone. But it wasn't just her looks that intrigued him, it was her mannerisms, her words, oh her words. She had a way of making him feel like royalty, like he deserved to be treated like a king. But it was her that was royalty, and she became his queen. She became his everything.

She thought like him, she talked like him, she seemed to always know when something was bothering him. She seemed to find nothing wrong with him, seeing his "faults" as his best qualities. She adored his voice, his face, his hair most of all. How did he get so lucky? This woman was a goddess, a woman to be revered. His thoughts stayed on her, she was amazing. So many years he had traveled, so many miles, and no one had ever made him feel like this. So much love and adoration, so much passion, the passion of a true goddess. The words evaded him, how to tell her she was so wonderful? How to say "I love you" in words that truly could convey his feelings? The words were just not adequate. All the love in the universe seemed to be concentrated in this one human being, it was just unbelievable. He wanted to wrap himself up in it, to cover them both in it, she made him feel so safe and warm.

All this, and more, now were in his daily thoughts. Feelings of love and passion, togetherness and joy. Every new day brought even more love and even more joy. Her name was on his lips, her face in his mind. "Micaela, I love you", came from his lips even when she couldn't hear it. What a beautiful name, for such an amazing woman. She was the One. She would be his, for forever and a day. And forever is such a deliciously loooooooong time.