August 31, 2009

What a day

Today was a great day. Tiring, but a great day.

I helped a friend and his girlfriend move into their new home today.

It’s a great little house here in middle TN, and it had some very happy vibes, but they felt……….different. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m highly empathic, and this house had some very strong emotional imprints. It felt like there had been a child in the house, and of course grownups, but the vibes were a little confusing to me, the happy was overlapped with worry, a strange sensation.

The move went pretty fast, they only needed a 14 ft Uhaul truck since they don’t have a lot of furniture, well they did, but they got rid of a lot before the move anticipating buying new stuff for the new house.

A queen bed, a futon, a couple of bookshelves, standard stuff. Most of the truck was filled, but we loaded and unloaded with no real issues.

I rode back to the old house with his girlfriend since she had to go to work (and of course my car was at their old house), work being at her computer taking customer service calls for Comcast. Yeah, the person you talk to when your cable internet doesn’t work. He or she is probably just like Cristal, working from home. (shhhhhh)

She had to log into, and open up app after app, probably 6 or 7 of them, before she could take the first call. Looked really confusing, but after watching her for a few calls, it seemed pretty simple. You know how the person always asks you to verify your social security number when you call? Asks for the last 4? I’ve always had this worry that they knew my whole number, all 9 digits, but now that I’ve seen it from their end I can say that the last 4 is all they can see.

Well after watching her do that for a bit, we went looking for her cat, which was under the house (a singlewide trailer), gave her a bath, and a little while later I went home.

Oh but what I wanted to say about the vibes! While riding back I asked her if the previous owners had any kids, and she said yeah, one, but that he had Down’s syndrome or something. So maybe that’s why the vibes felt like they did to me. It was awesome to hear that. Since I started on my pagan path, I’ve been learning to feel the energies and emotions around me better, just letting it happen, trying less hard, and the results I’m getting are really making me feel great.

I would be interested in hearing about any thoughts or ideas on this, there is so much more out there than can be detected with the “normal” senses, and I can’t wait to see what other experiences await me!

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August 27, 2009


I've been on my pagan path only a few months now, and I have never been more content with the direction my spiritual life is going. I have connected to energies and entities I had never considered to exist, and learned about many others I have yet to experience.

I am still overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, and also that I never saw any of it before. I feel like I must have been in a hole somewhere to have not seen it, but I guess it was just because I didn't choose to pay attention, really "see" what was around me.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I used to think the "teacher" meant someone human. Boy, was I ever wrong! I've seen so many things recently that became my teachers, pulling or pushing me to look at something, hear something, just pay attention to the lessons I need to learn. 

Animals that just "show up" right when I go outside to sit on the patio, take a long hard look at me, and then leave. (I've seen this one toad, well I think it's the same one, like 3 times)

Dreams I've had, visions even, deities appearing with something to "say". (So far I've had two such visions, nary a spoken word in either)

Blog posts, or pages on the internet, that just magically "appear" when it's the very thing I needed to read. (This has already happened more times than I can count)

People I meet, yeah there have been some teachers of the human variety too, even people I meet seemingly in passing, that do nothing else but to brighten my day and know they were there for that reason.

So I'm learning a lot, slowing down, quieting my mind being one of the main things. Compassion for all of nature, big or small, paying attention to seeming coincidence, listening to my heart.

I can't wait to see what's in store for me next!


August 26, 2009

A Man's Perspective on a Woman's Issue

I have been reading a lot of women's blogs. Hell, most of the blogs I read are authored by women. I love to read them, to see the female perspective on life as a pagan, to read about their children, and basically how they feel about just about anything.

I wish I had the right words to explain my thoughts sometimes. I am physically a man, and much of my thought process is very "male", as one would imagine. But part of me, my inner workings, have a very "female" aspect to them, probably because I am a "triple water". You see, my Sun sign is Cancer, my moon sign is Scorpio, and my rising sign is Pisces. So, I am by nature a very "mothering" and nurturing person, when I'm not going to the opposite extreme and being a selfish egotistical maniac.

Having said that, I want to talk about something that no amount of "female" brain can help me to understand. I have seen quite a few posts about this subject, and the spiritual aspects of it, on several blogs I have read over the last few days, and I started wondering why I kept seeing it so often, so much so that I started thinking of writing this post about it.

It is known by many names: a cycle, a period, menstruation, and my personal favorite, moon time. Regardless of the name, to me, I just have no frame of reference to understand it. I don't have the hardware physically, and mentally, I just don't know how to describe how I feel about it.

Most of my life I never really thought about it, I knew women had it, but did I think that physically AND emotionally it's a really different time for them? No, of course not. How could I know? A period, being something spiritual, what?

Usually my spoken words and my mental dialogue would go something like this:

"Oh I see, it's that time of the month, I'll leave you alone". (Well, not necessarily, I've gotten my "red wings" before). "I feel for you, it's so unfair to women". ("Things like that make me GLAD I'm a man!") "Your stomach is hurting? Cramps, huh? I wish there was something I could do." (Man, I am SO glad I'm a man!)

Now don't get me wrong, I really do sympathize, but like I said before, without a common frame of reference, how can I or any other man really feel for a woman? What about women who can no longer have children, and still have moon time? How is that fair? What about our daughters, how does it make them feel when they first start, and are years away from even thinking about having children?

Reading all the blog entries I've seen about the spiritual aspects of menstruation has made me take a second look at how I see it, especially as a father of girls. Yesterday my eldest started, (in retrospect possibly the reason I've been seeing so much about it lately, a harbinger of things to come) a year and a half after her younger sister, and they both have had completely different mindsets about it. Liz (the eldest) didn't want to start, didn't want to have to deal with it. Alex, especially in the last 6 months or so, has been obsessed with everything about sex and childbearing, and in the beginning, accepted it as just another part of life. What's a father to do? I can't tell them how it feels, what emotional changes there may be, I mean, I can tell them the physical aspects of why it happens, but anything else, I'm clueless.

Sometimes I wish that for only one day, I don't know, maybe a month or two, I could BE a woman, if only to feel how it is to be one. To really FEEL the sensation of moon time, to feel what it's like to be pregnant, to have another life inside of me, but I doubt very seriously that will ever happen, so I guess I'll never know. But I do know this, I don't think I will ever see women the same again. To have a cradle of creation in your bodies, I envy you. I respect you. And I do feel for you, I feel your pain as much as I am able, and hope that those women that do read this know that this man is seeing you now for how sacred you really are.


August 24, 2009

Comment issues (again)

It appears the comment issues I've been having are continuing.

I believe that the issue has been corrected, so please, if you had a comment for one of my older posts, feel free to return to that post and attempt to leave one.

I am looking for another template for a new look to my blog, there are just too many issues with this one, so if any of you have any suggestions or sites where I can look for one, let me know about it.

Until next time!

August 23, 2009


August 23, 2009 1:25 AM

I'm sitting here at my computer, with two facebook tabs open, and one for this post, reflecting on my week.

It was a great week going to school and volunteering in the cafeteria, the kids were great, well except for the girl that tried to throw her fruit cocktail at me. I was nice to her, what did I do to deserve that? Fortunately she missed, but still! Holy crap! And then some of the other kids started laughing at me, and that's when I found the reason the other parents weren't falling all over themselves to volunteer in the cafeteria too.

These kids are a LOT to handle. Am I nuts for wanting to do this?

I have 5 kids in the house, and I decide it's a good idea to go surround myself with more, right when all of mine are out of the house, and I could have some peace and quiet. See, I don't have a job right now. I got laid off a while back, and I thought since I'm not working I can contribute by "helping out" at the school. Hmmm. I mean I love kids, I have this saying, "5 kids or 50 kids, all the same to me". So I figure, no problem, this'll be a breeze.

I made that saying up having never been around 50 kids that I was responsible for.

So I guess I'm reconsidering going back next week, if only a little.

'Cause this week was a "testing" week, and there were only 20 or so kids from the kindergarden there each day. Next week, starting on Tuesday, ALL of them will be there, and I expect major pandemonium. I want to go help out, but I'm wondering if I'm just a glutton for punishment. All the other parents will gladly drop off their kids at school in the morning, and then pick them back up at 3:30, hoping that they have learned something, and haven't gotten in any trouble, but me? What makes me different, makes me want to be around kids, even when they are such a pain in the butt?

I think it's because I care about kids, I want to teach them stuff, tell them the stuff they want to know about that the other grownups won't tell them, or don't know how to explain.

I found out by talking to one of the other volunteers that there is a place in town that will place you as a substitute teacher somewhere in the school system, even with no teaching degree. Now I do have an associate's degree in network administration (computer networks), so that should be cool too. All you have to do is pay for a background check, and you can be a sub. Who would've thought you could be a teacher without a degree? Scary, in one sense, sure, but hey, you're just a sub. That would be so awesome, be a teacher, me!

So maybe I'm not crazy, maybe I just missed my calling.

August 21, 2009


August 21, 2009 7:47 A.M.

I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers the other day, the Anti-Supermom, about her frustrations with her "check engine" light on her van, among other things.

I was inspired by that post to begin one of my own, thanks Anti-Supermom! Haven't thought of a good name for it yet, but it will be a weekly post with advice on cars. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional auto mechanic, and I hope by posting the mechanic's point of view, it will be an entertaining and enlightening part of my blog. Any suggestions or comments about a name would be greatly appreciated.

As I got the idea from the Anti-Supermom, my first piece of advice will be about her problem, the dreaded "check engine" light.

I posted a comment on her blog about the fact that I have seen this issue on countless occasions, and believe me when I say that was not an exaggeration. Many of them involve a simple problem, a loose or misplaced fuel cap, but that is only one cause of that particular "trouble code" as they are called to be "set" in the engine's computer.

Due largely to emission laws and gas mileage concerns, cars today are built with a closed system for containing gasoline fumes from escaping into the atmosphere from the fuel system, which of course includes the fuel tank. The way the integrity of this closed system is monitored is the main reason so many people see the check engine light, and why it seems to stay on for a long time after the problem is corrected.

Now in order to keep this short and sweet I will just say that the engine vacuum is used to check that the system is secure and leak free, and if it is not, then the light comes on. Mechanics can check the engine computer for the trouble code, and correct the problem easily if it is just the fuel cap, but often the fuel cap is not the problem, or is not the only leak in the system. The tubing that carries the vacuum and the fumes from the fuel tank to the engine is most often made of plastic, and is easily punctured or cut by road debris or damaged from underbody collisions with the pavement, as in "bottoming out" over a large speed bump. Even so, some of these punctures may be very small, pinhole sized, and very hard to find.

The "evaporative emission" system is not a constantly monitored system, like most of the engine's sensors and control mechanisms, and is only tested under certain engine conditions. This is the main reason the check engine light seems to stay on for an indefinite period after the problem is corrected. If the light remains lit, and the fuel cap is verified to be secure, then there is likely to be another leak somewhere else in the system, or a malfunction in the valves that are part of the monitoring and operating system itself. It is always a good idea to have a mechanic check the trouble codes, and to run tests on the system just to make sure that there are no other leaks.

In general the check engine light DOES indicate a problem with the engine, so any time the light comes on and stays on, or goes on and off regularly, even if the engine seems to be running normally it saves money in the long run to get it diagnosed early. Some failures don't cause any perceptible engine performance issues, but if left unrepaired, can cause costly repairs later on as other systems are affected. So please, if you do see the check engine light, make sure you find out what it is, to avoid more problems down the road.

Well that's my advice on that issue. I welcome any comments or questions on car stuff, I love to tell people what other mechanics seem to like to keep secret. This stuff isn't rocket science, and lots of things can be diagnosed and repaired by anyone that can pick up a wrench. I guess it's a matter of money with most mechanics, they figure the more people know, the less money they'll make. Not me!

Until next time!

August 19, 2009

New look

*Second update: Comments are now fixed, they open in a pop up window instead of being embedded now, but they are working!!*

*Update: Comments are currently not working, and Bella is working hard to fix them! We have found the layout was full of bugs!*

August 19, 2009 9:37 A.M.

I decided it was time for a new layout, not that the candles were getting old or anything, but that template was only a two column, and it seemed time for a three column.

So here it is, the new look.

What do you think? I like it better cause the three columns means less scrolling, and let's face it, with all the widescreen monitors out there, why not use up more horizontal space than vertical?

Full credit for the upgrade goes to Belladonna Foxglove, the author of "Wanderings of a Wondering Mind". I am so thankful to have someone so creative and knowledgeable with html code as a kindred spirit. She even made my new button! Thanks a million, Bella!

Well that's all for now, have to get ready to go to the library and then volunteer in the school cafeteria again. I feel a post of its own coming on about that subject, it was an experience the first time.

August 17, 2009

Busy day, aka Ode to Moms

Today is going to be and has been a busy day.

I got up at 7, took the kids to school, as I do almost every day, since school has started back.

My oldest, she's 13, goes at 730, to the middle school, and the younger two, ages 11 and 6, at 830, to the elementary school.

Oh and their cousins also stay with us, so actually it's three I take at 830, another 6 year old.

The youngest is 4, and she was supposed to go to preschool at 930, or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when I show up with her all ready to go, and the teacher says, "She doesn't come till tomorrow." Apparently they are still finishing up the "testing" phase with some of the students. Would have been nice to know that before I showed up with her and looked like a complete moron.

Now I am waiting to go back to the elementary school, at 1130 to 1220, as I dutifully "volunteered" to help in the lunchroom with the kindergarten lunch. They are also in the "testing" phase at this point, so there won't be but about 20 of them altogether, but I still have misgivings about how things will go with that. The idea of 20 five year olds, trying to go through the lunch line, with that look of "what do I do now" on their faces, I don't know, seems like I'll be pretty busy.

Later on the fun continues, as at 210 I have to pick up my middle schooler, and transport her an hour down the road to a choir rehearsal in Nashville. It's from 430 to 550, so there is no use in trying to come back home. I would just have to turn right around and drive back, not to mention the amount of gas I would be literally blowing out of my keister.

Hopefully when we return from that trip, which thankfully is only on Mondays (for the next 6 months), there will be something to eat on the table, and I can return to my computer and see what's been going on in the blog world while I was out.

I'm so ready to get a job, so my life will slow down a bit, how do moms do this?

Must be in the genetics, women seem to do these things with ease, like they were born to do them. Yeah, that must be it.

All I can say is this.

We men could learn a lesson or two about the "easy" life moms have while we men are out supposedly "working" for a living.


I would love to hear from Moms who may be those who have a schedule like this, I have seen many who have much more on their plate, and would love comments on how you cope with the "always got to go somewhere" feeling.

August 15, 2009

The Pond

The pond of my mind..........still, silent, orderly.

Peace, serenity, calm.

Then, chaos, turmoil, a large stone crashes in.

The waves come.

The first hits the edge, carving, tearing, tossing old things aside.

Slicing, sweeping, the waves come.

Each smaller than the last, yet the wounds are evident.

Something is lost! There is pain!

Something happening, unclear, bubbling within.

Bouncing back and forth, ripples are all that remain.

For a second, a minute, a day, an eternity?

These too are gone, what is left is strange, different, and yet?

Obscured by the chaos, the stone's purpose revealed;

The pond of my mind............still, silent, orderly.

No loss, no pain, only change.

August 10, 2009

A Man's Life

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately about life as a woman, mother, wife, etc, and was inspired therefore to write about life as a man, father, husband, etc.

I've been a man (at least in the legal sense of the word) for twenty years now, and a husband and father for almost as long, and I have felt in the past that writing about everyday life would be a boring read for others, as I felt they had lives very similar to my own, and would not find such material appealing.

Now I see that everyday life is very interesting, especially when seen from another person's perspective.

So, here goes, life from my perspective.

First, my wife.

Her name is Catherine, but when she was a very young child, her father nicknamed her Carrie, a name she goes by to this day.

She and I met in February of 1992, on Valentine's Day no less, the perfect day to meet the love of your life.

At first, it did seem so, I saw her, and in my 20 year old eyes she was a goddess, she was beautiful, smart, and did something no other girl I had ever known did, took an interest in me, going out of her way to make me feel comfortable in her home. We laid on her bed in her room (she was 17, still living with her mother,) on our stomachs looking through picture albums. It was completely innocent, just making friends, talking about whatever came to mind. There was just something about her, the way she moved, the way she was so friendly, it really drew me to her, I liked her immediately. She was dating someone, so at the time, I didn't even make an attempt at trying to make a move or anything, but in my mind, I just knew she was "the One". I even went so far as to call my mother on the phone a week later and tell her I had met the woman I was going to marry.

To make a long story short, the next nine months were an exercise in getting her to go out with me, trying to steal her away from all the other men who had an interest in her, which to me seemed like every other guy she knew. I should mention at this point that I met her through a mutual friend, my best friend who like me was in the Navy at the time, a man a year younger than I who two weeks after I met her, married her mother. They had been "dating" since shortly before Christmas the year before, and decided to marry on the strangest day, February 29. As such, they have only had 4 or 5 "official" wedding anniversaries since, but anyway, to each his own.

I treated Carrie as I thought of her, like a goddess. I did everything I could to go out of my way to be nice to her, help her out, to give her gifts, but nothing worked. As the old saying goes, nice guys finish last. Finally, on November 19, 1992, we finally officially started dating. Our first official date was a trip to KFC, and it was wonderful. The only trouble was, the person she was dating wasn't me, it was the guy I had created to "get her to like me", because I was afraid if i didn't, she wouldn't like the guy I really was. More on this later.

We dated for almost 4 years when lo and behold, on June 11, 1996, my daughter Elizabeth Ashley was born. I found it ironic that I was about to turn 25, and my father was about to turn 50, so it was now a quarter century thing going on in the family. For some reason, I have always found it difficult to remember how old my dad is, and ever since she was born, all I have to do is take her age, and add 50, and I can figure out how old he is.

But I digress. Elizabeth, or Liz, as she would soon be known, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Becoming a father for the first time is a lot like getting the Christmas present you've been dying for all year, and then finding out when you open it that it was even better than you could've ever imagined. But I do have to say, I was not sure I was ready to be a father. I was scared to death, what if i drop her? What do I do if she wakes up crying, and I can't figure out what's wrong? It has been said that the bond between a mother and child is much deeper than that of a father, but I feel it is just different, because in my mind, we bonded forever the very first time I held her. Holding her in my arms, I thought I could feel her relax as I said to her, "Welcome to the world, I'll show you everything".

Two years later, a group known as Creed made a song with very similar wording in it called "Arms Wide Open", and to this day, Liz calls it her "baby" song.

If you have not heard the song, here is a link to the vid on YouTube.
(It appears the sound is not perfect, but I turned my volume up just a hair and it's ok)

Carrie and I married on December 6, 1997, the day after her birthday, which actually, looking back on it, was probably an insidious plot on her part to make it impossible on my part to forget either date. At the time, she was pregnant with our second child, Eugenia Alexandra, who made her appearance in July 31, 1998.

I was happy to welcome our new daughter, she was just as gorgeous, just as precious to me, but part of me was as disappointed that she was not a boy. One thing I think all men want, is to have a son to carry on the family name. My father is Polish, 100%, and I felt my "obligation" to carry his name to future generations. I have an older sister, and two younger brothers, so I felt when Liz was born, "ok, we got the girl out of the way, now on to the boys". This was not to be the case for me apparently, so I put those feelings aside, thinking, "there's always next time".

The years passed, the girls grew, and then, November 1, 2002 came and brought us Teagan Briggs. She seemed so tiny, as my other girls had grown so much, but she was just as beautiful as her sisters had been. By this point I had given up on the "carry on the family name" thing, and accepted that "I just can't make a boy". Let that responsibility fall to my brothers. More on that later too.

Teagan was different in that she wasn't like either myself or Carrie. She turned out to be a combination of both of us, carrying traits of both families. She was greeted warmly by her sisters, and did most of the "firsts" before either of them had done, mainly in my opinion due directly to their "help". I found it interesting how each of them had been so different, having the same parents, genetics are fascinating in how many possibilities can arise.

Now Liz is 13, a teen, Alex is 11, and Teagan, a very precoscious 6, going on 7. I have had many moments when I just watch them play, interact, and am amazed. I feel very blessed that they have been generally healthy. I see others with children that have not been as fortunate as I, and my heart goes out to them.

Anyway, things have not been all wonderful, especially with Carrie, and other issues have come about, but these I will discuss in future posts. It's 4 in the morning, and I'm ready to go to bed.

August 5, 2009

I am

I am.

I am the rock star on stage, belting out my songs, hoping no one can see I'm addicted to drugs.

I am the rabid fan in the crowd, wishing the rock star will notice me.

I am a teenage boy, hating my parents because I couldn't go to the concert.

I am a mother, worried I'm losing my son to the wrong crowd.

I am a father, contemplating a change of career to better feed my family.

I am a homeless man, waiting for it all to end.

I am a child, anxious about my first day of school.

I am a nerd, in love with the popular girl, but too scared to talk to her.

I am a popular girl, dating the quarterback, but secretly attracted to a nerd.

I am an astronaut, dreaming of worlds out there.

I am a president, confident the problems can be fixed, doubting the people are behind me.

I am a lover, in the throes of ecstasy, she's the only one I'll ever love like this.

I am a person, a human, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman.

I am.

August 3, 2009

What if?

I have always been one to look at the world with an open mind, or so I thought. Since I started on my new pagan path, I have been presented with many ideas, principles, and ways of seeing things that I had never even considered. I was astounded at first to find that first of all, they seemed to make so much sense to me, like it was the information I had been looking for all my life, and second, that I had never considered pagan "religions" to have any value, that they were all just a bunch of hoopla from old dead civilizations.

I grew up like many children do, in the Christian belief system, and was taught that the words in the Bible and the lessons taught in church on Sunday were the "only" way to believe. God was the creator, Jesus was his son who came to die for our sins, and heaven and hell were very real places we went to after we died. For the greater part of my childhood, I bought into the system, never questioning the reality that was presented. As I grew older, I did start to see some inconsistencies in the stories, and questioned the existence of so many different denominations in this so called "only" way. I did not, however, take into account that there were other religious beliefs, or rather, that their ideas may in fact be the true "reality" of life and death.

Finally, when I reached the age of 18, and left my parents behind, I started thinking in earnest about what was really going on, and how I fit in to the tapestry of life. The first thing I did was to adopt my own interpretation of what I believed "God" really was. As an avid science fiction fan, the Star Trek series in particular, I became fascinated with a character on the "Next Generation" series named simply "Q". He was presented as a lifeform that had very similar characteristics of "God" as I knew him, omniscience, omnipresence, or in simpler terms, had control of space, matter, and time. However, he appeared looking just like any other human. I began to see similarities between Q and God to the point I uttered for the first time, "What if?"

What if "God" was really just another lifeform in this universe? What if he had decided to present himself as a god simply because at the time, humans did not have the knowledge or technology to understand the possibilities of existence? Humans took until the 15th century to discover the world was in fact round, so how could they comprehend 4000 years before anything as advanced as this being? If he was in fact just another lifeform, then was it possible to believe he did not in fact wish to be worshipped as a god, but rather that humans had decided to do that on their own, and write it into a book? These and many other questions started to swirl about my mind. I finally decided to believe that this "God" was in fact just another being, just higher on the evolutionary scale, and in addition, there were probably more than one, and did not demand worship. This was the belief I subscribed to until only a few months ago. It was still very largely based in the Christian belief system, as I still discounted all other ideas as sheer idiocy.

Now that's not to say I left the "what if's" to religious things only, but for the sake of this particular "rant", I shall restrict my discussion to spiritual ideas.

A little over 3 months ago, a close friend of mine introduced me to her spiritual beliefs, or as she put it, her "path". I respected her position as a sane human being, and I began to read in earnest about all things pagan. To my utter surprise, I found that the very things I had discounted as poppycock and hoopla were a way of life, a life that I wanted to adopt for myself. No "this is the only way", no only one "God" exists, but a world full of energy, love, and connections with all things in the universe. I have so much more to explore, and learn, but now my outlook is full of "what ifs".

Energy is everything, everything is energy. With the proper state of mind, these energies can be felt, seen, and manipulated. Such a universe we live in, for such possibilities to exist, it is simply a wondrous thing. Other beings, all lifeforms, all of creation, all made of energy. My excitement at the knowledge and experience awaiting me is overflowing.

One day all of humanity will be able to join me in this revelation, and also begin to say, "what if?"
What if everything we believe is reality is in fact only a small portion of what really exists? What if everything we can imagine does actually exist on some plane of existence? What if love is the only thing, and everything? For those of you reading that have been on your path for years, perhaps decades, these questions have probably already been answered to some degree, but for me, my eyes have just been opened, and I hope as I travel along MY path, I will find more wondrous things than these, and join with you as a being of light and energy.

Until next time!