November 5, 2009


I have been thinking all day about posting, but I have had no idea what to post about.

I think I'll just say what I want to say, whatever comes to mind.

I still don't have a job, and the prospects don't look good.

And yet, I'm happy.

Life is going exactly as it should be.

Dogs don't know it's not bacon.

I am feeling the effects of advancing towards the age of 40.

When mowing around a garden, remember that watermelon plants crawl out of the bed.

Disturbed is one of the greatest bands in the history of music.

Snow is just frozen water.

Mac and PC are only different in their software, the hardware is almost identical.

I am learning every day that I know much less than I did when I was 20.

Tomato plants need LOTS of water.

Anyone else think that blogging at four in the morning is insane?

I need to clean my computer desk again.

There is a conference to go to at my seventh grader's school tomorrow, well tonight actually.

I want to go see the ocean, go out on a boat.

I miss Florida.

I had a dream about doing a tarot card reading last night.

I knew at one time what the capital of every state was by heart.

Yellow and blue DO in fact make green, just check out a toilet with one of those blue pellets in it.

The sink in the kitchen clogged up yesterday, the first time it's done that since it was put in two years ago.

My love life is not as important to me as it once was, and besides, it would help a whole lot if I got out of the relationship (if you can call it that) that I'm already in.

It gets dark so early now, I mean 4:30? Are you kidding?

I wonder if anyone will comment with the words "Great post!"?

Where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego?

If I go to a 5 star hotel, can I ask for fun size Snickers bars on my pillow instead of mints?

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?

If I go to bed now, will I get enough sleep to be alert at 8 a.m.?

I'm going to go find out.


Jenandollie said...

lol, "great post"!

We went to a 5star in Lake Como once and they gave us a whole tin of those mini hero chocolates, big mistake, was sick for hours after eating far far too many!


Anonymous said...

Not a "Great Post"...he he...
And I am now officially sulking!
That's twice you said you had my button but I can no see it!
Bad Rayden...bad Rayden...
I love the new look though...much nicer...very sophisticated.

Did you get enough sleep?
And what's a Tootsie Roll Pop?
(sounds a little rude!)

Ryan Sutton said...

486 licks. I've tried. This is the second time I've answered that question in 12 hours. Synchronicity.

Lyon said...

This made me laaaarrrfff. hehehe. I hope you got some rest.

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

hahahaha you needed some serious SLEEP Rayden! but, it was a great post :)

Diane said...

i was gonna say 'great post' but it's already been done... lol

i enjoyed reading your random thoughts. my sink is clogged too. :( like, that's the last thing i need right now...

i'm glad to hear that you're happy, despite everything. i could use a little happy.

hope you got some sleep.

Bella Foxglove said...

Get your ass out of bed and get on here to talk tome, you were supposed to be here an hour ago!!!

Just kidding lol.

I love random posts, they can be a lot of fun. I used to make then on my Live Journal forever ago when I still wrote in it lol. I might have to give that a whirl soon.

Heeey Ryan said synchronicity! Was I not just talking about reference to him to I think, last night? LOL..

Also, did you know my spell check freaks the hell out over "synchronicity" every time?

Oh...and btw...GREAT POST!!!

*Scampers away giggling*

Oh, but srsly? GET UP AND COME TALK TO ME!!!!!


Rue said...

Ah...the eternal questions....or!

I do hope you are alert this morning!

Great post! (giggle!)

Morgaine Pendragon said...

Errr..."Great Post!" heehee. Today you made me chuckle, love the randomness. Although, I do seem to remember Mr. Owl say that it was 3 licks to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. And 40, eh it's not so bad but I still refuse to fully acknowledge it or that I am, LOL. As for tomato plants, Babci used to tell me water the roots not the leaves or fruit. I think Carmen Sandiego just might be with Waldo, just a hunch though. :D
Hope you got a little sleep at least. Oh yeah, and the new layout looks awesome.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I thought it was 3 licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop... at least that is what mr. owl always said....