November 7, 2009

Whispers of gods

Another night, or is it morning?

The sounds, the whispers of the gods

They sound like dreams, they come to tell me

Hear our call, the world is changing

Every action, thought, and feeling

Is all connected, it all has meaning

Keep yourself quiet, keep aware

And you will see why you should care

Each word, each feeling, all has its purpose

Has links to present, past, future; I'm seeing

I know not what thread am I

In the tapestry of life ever weaving

Change is constant, change is certain

Some brings comfort, some brings pain

The darkness comes; lightning, rain

I feel a loss, I feel a gain, what is this feeling?



Lyon said...


Ryan Sutton said...

Agreed. Like++

Diane said...

i am so digging this. it feels exactly like what i'm going through right now - or maybe always. i so wish i knew which thread i was...

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Lovely Rayden!