November 6, 2009

The elements; and, more randomness

Well here I am again, writing in the wee hours of the morning.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning by all the comments I had on my "Randomization" post. Seems I shall have to try that again. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the four elements (air, fire, earth, and water)work together in nature, or in everyday life, and what happens if all 4 are combined.

I realized just a few minutes ago how simple it could be.

Try boiling a pot of water.

The pot can be thought of as earth, as it is made of metals from the earth.

The water is of course self explanatory.

The fire is as well, even if you are using an electric stove.

The air is also evident, as the water reaches boiling point.

All four elements, all present at the same time.

Not unlike the planet "Earth" itself.

The earth or crust is the "vessel" that holds the vast oceans of water that bring life to this planet.

The fires of lava underneath that warm and bring energy and movement to the earth above, for without this, the planet would die.

The air above, and within the earth, giving us protection from the bleakness of space, and providing key elements to the continuation of life.

All four elements, constantly working together, mixing, churning, being.

What are we, other than part of this entity that is "Earth"? All of us made of the four elements the same as she, and so she must be like us, just as conscious, just as alive.

It's funny that with all of our "technology" in the 21st century that we have forgotten the most basic of all truths that our ancestors took for granted. The earth is alive, she is conscious, every part of her, just as we are. We are parts of the whole, and when a part of her is destroyed, part of us will suffer as well.

I think the next time I boil water I will say a few words to the earth to thank her for giving me this insight, and tell her I will do my part to take care of her, for in doing so, I will be taking care of myself, and vice versa.

So ends the philosophical portion of my post.

Now on to more random things.

Has anyone ever figured out WHY we drive on a parkway, and park on a driveway?

I sleep with a blanket with penguins on it.

My daughter's conferences turned up half good, half bad results out of 6 classes.

I think daffodils are pretty.

Our dog eats more from the garbage and drinks from the toilet more than his food and water bowls.

I think this is going to become a routine on my blog, and I'll call it Random Rants.

Perhaps I will start to capitalize every word that starts in "R".

If you use a boomerang as a weapon, and you actually hit someone, what do you use for your second shot for the next guy?

Death by chocolate ice cream sounds like a great way to go. Oh wait, that's the name of the flavor? Either way, I am so on that.

Right now I am not wearing a shirt.

Ever heard the joke "If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?"


Ok, one more.

I survived a collision with a truck while Riding my bike as a child, but only because the bike had a banana seat; the little bar securing the seat to the Rear wheel hub absorbed most of the impact.

If you want to see more of Random Rants, show me some comment love and I'll see about making it a Regular part of my Ranting Repertoire.



Anonymous said...

Love the Random Rants...and death by chocolate sounds a wonderful way to go!

Lyon said...

I too love the Random Rants. I read blogs once a day - first thing in the morning - so anything to get me smiling and laughing this early is a beautiful thing.

The more serious portion of your post makes me think about gaia theory - you are familiar, yes? If not - do some googling and revel in the synchronicity. ;-)

Ryan Sutton said...

We are also made up of a fifth element, spirit. Or a love of life. Or whatever you want to call it.

The Earth, I believe, is too. Lay on your back outside and let the Earth hold you, feel that loving embrace, and know she has spirit aplenty.

Ryan Sutton said...

Also I like that you followed through with capitalizing every R word lol

Bella Foxglove said...

*Whispers* There is that word again....synchronicity....

Random Rants are great, love them!

When I saw the bit about the banana seat, I thought the post was about to turn way more painful lol...

I love your layout so much. *Pets it*

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Uhh, best joke ever. Mayflower. Haha. I get it.

Yeah, the Rants are great. So is this topic of the four elements at work together. I love thinking about this.