September 8, 2009

Still here

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been in a blah kind of mood.

The full moon always seems to put me in SOME kind of a mood, and I never know what it will be, this time it was just BLAH.

I'm still looking for a good layout for Halloween, and I appreciate the feedback I got from everyone. I'm sure I'll find one that will suit me, hopefully before the end of this month.

I posted an entry about a month ago (wow has it been that long?) about my wife and girls, and in it I said "More on this later" several times. I do intend to elaborate on those things soon, there's a lot on my mind concerning them. So watch for that to happen in the next week or so, possibly earlier.

My studies have taken a hit lately as well. I just can't seem to make time to do the research I need to do. As I am still so new to this path I have so much yet to learn, and I am thankful I have so many wonderful blogs to read that are chock full of information concerning being a witch and a pagan.

So this is life as it is today. I'm finally out of my BLAH mood, and things are looking up. Time to buckle down and get some stuff DONE. Maybe I'll post again later, it's starting to form in my mind.................


Aelwyn said...

With all the weird astrology going around: Mercury in retrograde again, Uranus and Saturn in opposition (full opposition on the 15th), and the Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces with Mercury square to Mars and Pluto. Our sensitivity is heightened, and we find ourselves withdrawing and becoming somewhat more self-focused.

Here's a good link:

Personally, I was VITALIZED by the Full Moon this month. Weird.

Bennu said...

Did you see these?

Domestic Witch said...

I've a wierdo lately too, chin up! This too shall pass!