September 29, 2009

Gorgeous day

Today is a gorgeous day outside.

I think I will get out today, maybe look for a job, just get out and get some of this funk off of me that I've been in for the last few weeks.

Then maybe tomorrow I can start to live again.


Anonymous said...

Rayden...I almost thought I'd gone to the wrong blog!
Good for you...get yourself out there and have a nice look around.
Everyone deserves a dose of the Sun on their face...
It's nice to see you're out of your funk (I thought funk was a style of music - I will never understand you all over there!)
Glad you finally came to visit's been too long sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Get out and get some air, sun and nature! Soak up what this world has to offer and don't look back! HURRAH! :)


AmyK. said... did it go??