March 29, 2010

An update on my job search!! Good news!!

I got some calls today, I may just have a job soon! Check out my post on my other blog, The Stag Warrior Speaks, for all the details!

After so many months of putting in applications, of pounding pavement, and searching and searching, I am finally seeing some results. Now more than ever, I know that my move was for the best. Things are looking up, and I hope to be able to report in the next few days that I am once again gainfully employed.

The energies of this whole situation only fill me with positive vibes, and once again I am reminded of the power of visualization and positive thinking. Good things can and do come if you truly see them happen, and then take the necessary steps to bring those thoughts into reality. I am extremely happy, and I wanted to allow every single one of you to share in my happiness. Have a great day!!


Nydia said...

Congrats on your news!! Crossed fingers for you! :o)