March 23, 2010

I read it in a book

Today my journey through life took me to Barnes and Noble, and to a book called "The Day You Were Born" by Linda Joyce. Now while I didn't have sufficient means to buy the book, I took some time to read the part that had to do with the day that "I" was born. What I found was the most accurate depiction of my inner workings that I have ever read. The book uses numerology and astrology to tell you in depth how you are as a person from just the date of your birth. Not the year, just the month and the day. As many of you know, my date of birth is July 2nd, which makes me a Cancer, and boy, did this book ever go into intricate detail about what makes up a Cancer, what makes them tick. Not only that, but then it gives each sequence of days a description of its own, and by sequence, I mean the numerology sequence of the numbers 1 through 9. I'm not completely sure how it works, but it starts with the first day of the month, with 1, and then goes through the ninth with nine, and I think then the sequence repeats throughout the consecutive days thereafter.

Hopefully I got that right, but the thing I got the most out of reading it was that I myself have some serious internal work to do. It said everything about me that I know to be true. I am eccentric, extreme, and most importantly, when it comes to my internal thoughts, there are no boundaries. It also said that I should learn to manage my fears, something I have NEVER been able to do.

Anyway, to make what I could turn into an extremely long story short, I will just say that I am about to embark on a pretty major internal overhaul. I'm going to make myself some rules, to assure that I create some internal boundaries, and to make myself accountable for what I think and do. I also intend to find who it is I really am during this process, and to start doing things differently than before, not to an extreme as is my norm, but just different. My thoughts have been my undoing for all this time, so it's time to change those thoughts, and become "me".