August 15, 2009

The Pond

The pond of my mind..........still, silent, orderly.

Peace, serenity, calm.

Then, chaos, turmoil, a large stone crashes in.

The waves come.

The first hits the edge, carving, tearing, tossing old things aside.

Slicing, sweeping, the waves come.

Each smaller than the last, yet the wounds are evident.

Something is lost! There is pain!

Something happening, unclear, bubbling within.

Bouncing back and forth, ripples are all that remain.

For a second, a minute, a day, an eternity?

These too are gone, what is left is strange, different, and yet?

Obscured by the chaos, the stone's purpose revealed;

The pond of my mind............still, silent, orderly.

No loss, no pain, only change.