August 17, 2009

Busy day, aka Ode to Moms

Today is going to be and has been a busy day.

I got up at 7, took the kids to school, as I do almost every day, since school has started back.

My oldest, she's 13, goes at 730, to the middle school, and the younger two, ages 11 and 6, at 830, to the elementary school.

Oh and their cousins also stay with us, so actually it's three I take at 830, another 6 year old.

The youngest is 4, and she was supposed to go to preschool at 930, or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when I show up with her all ready to go, and the teacher says, "She doesn't come till tomorrow." Apparently they are still finishing up the "testing" phase with some of the students. Would have been nice to know that before I showed up with her and looked like a complete moron.

Now I am waiting to go back to the elementary school, at 1130 to 1220, as I dutifully "volunteered" to help in the lunchroom with the kindergarten lunch. They are also in the "testing" phase at this point, so there won't be but about 20 of them altogether, but I still have misgivings about how things will go with that. The idea of 20 five year olds, trying to go through the lunch line, with that look of "what do I do now" on their faces, I don't know, seems like I'll be pretty busy.

Later on the fun continues, as at 210 I have to pick up my middle schooler, and transport her an hour down the road to a choir rehearsal in Nashville. It's from 430 to 550, so there is no use in trying to come back home. I would just have to turn right around and drive back, not to mention the amount of gas I would be literally blowing out of my keister.

Hopefully when we return from that trip, which thankfully is only on Mondays (for the next 6 months), there will be something to eat on the table, and I can return to my computer and see what's been going on in the blog world while I was out.

I'm so ready to get a job, so my life will slow down a bit, how do moms do this?

Must be in the genetics, women seem to do these things with ease, like they were born to do them. Yeah, that must be it.

All I can say is this.

We men could learn a lesson or two about the "easy" life moms have while we men are out supposedly "working" for a living.


I would love to hear from Moms who may be those who have a schedule like this, I have seen many who have much more on their plate, and would love comments on how you cope with the "always got to go somewhere" feeling.


AmyK. said...

Amen to you! about all the parents who do all that and work outside the home FT as well? I had it a bit easy until now...My kids (until this year when the older one goes to middle school for the first time) went to school where I teach so they were with me and on my teacher schedule...this year should be more interesting with the kids in 2 separate schools.

I make lists for my husband, because it is hard for him to remember his part in all this driving and schlepping...I rely on my Blackberry alarm and reminders, lol!!

Hope school is off to a good start for all your kids!

Bella Foxglove said...

I have such respect and admiration for you because you DO take over the responsibility of the kids. They are lucky to have a Dad that actually WANTS to be involved.

I am not a single mom anymore, but I totally sympathize with those who are, and for the moms who work FT and still have to do it alone, even if they are not "single moms".

As far as how we just do it. Some are really organized and some are not, but both kinds have more that likely felt that " If I drive one more inch in this vehicle I am going to scream!"

Even being a stay at home mom for the last two years has still had its frazzled moments...days go by when nothing needs to be done, and then suddenly there comes a day when EVERYTHING has to happen right NOW lol.

My advice, since you have so many kids to contend with, is to make a schedule and follow it religiously. Eventually it will become second nature, even to the kids. The little ones especially need the structure..since they are still new to this whole school thing....( trust me, I know lol )

I hope that things fall into place soon for you!

Anti-Supermom said...


I appreciate it when things that aren't typically noticed or appreciated - are.

Kudos to you for taking the 'role' on.