October 19, 2010

And now, I can shop online.....

Hi folks, good to see you again!

Now as I told you in my last post, a lot has changed in the 6 months since I started working again, and one of them is that I now have money to use to shop and buy things online.

One thing I do a lot is to buy Facebook credits to use in various games, such as Happy Pets. While the games are fun without having to spend real money, they're a lot more fun when you have the capital to buy things from the games' store. There are some games that have their own form of currency, such as in Pet Society where they use "Playfish Cash" (because Playfish is the name of the company that makes the game), and in Frontierville they use what's called "Horseshoes" (basically because the symbol of the "cash" is a horseshoe). All of them are used in the same way, wherein you buy the credits or cash or horseshoes with your bank card or credit card, and then you are able to spend them in the game to buy the various items you want or need to further your progress within that game. I played a lot of games on Facebook before I got a job, but I'm having more fun playing them now that I have one.

The other thing I've done since getting a job is to shop for and buy products online through various websites. One of  my favorite websites to peruse before I started working was Newegg.com, a place for everything related to computer hardware. I used to drool over processors, hard drives, motherboards, you name it, and now I'm able to buy them should I so desire, it's a good feeling.

There is another site, or should I say sites, that I have recently become aware of, where you can buy almost anything under the sun, and that's the CSN Stores family of websites. They sell everything from air compressors to barstools to car seats to desks to fitness equipment, I mean they have it all. You can buy briefcases, shoes, toys, even pet furniture, it's really a one stop shopping site. Their prices are very competitive, and in the near future I am going to do a review of one of their products here on my blog, so be sure to look out for that.

That's just a few things I'm doing now that I'm working. In my next post, find out about the game called "Magic", it's a little unusual, but interesting at the same time........


Diandra said...

Ha, I love online shopping. I can do it whenever and wherever I want (as long as there is a computer and some internet), and I don't have to take my precious free time during the day to do so... and I mostly end up shopping for books. Not very imaginative, I guess. (^v^)