April 2, 2010

A job! Finally!

It's official, pending the results of my drug test, which SHOULD be clean, after all, I don't do any drugs, I got a job!

It's at Walmart, as an overnight maintenance worker. Pretty much means cleaning and polishing the floors, and cleaning up the bathrooms and the parking lot. I'm ecstatic to have finally actually landed a job! It's been so long, I don't know what to do with myself. Oh yeah, I know, go to work like everyone else!

Anyway, there's still things pending with the OTHER job opportunity, well one of the other ones. Security clearances are pretty hard to get, if for nothing else than all the info that must be collected. There are some additions that I need to make, and then there's still no guarantee that I'll even GET the clearance, so I may not be able to work for them at all. Then there's the job at Advance Auto Parts that I may be getting a call about next week, but see that's the trouble, I can't take all 3 of these jobs, there just isn't enough of me, or time, to go around, as much as I'd like to work for them all.

So, I suppose if things work out, and I do get that clearance, I'll take that job because of the pay. Although they may elect to keep me anyway, just not on that contract, even if I don't get it. So we'll see. But at least now I do know for sure I got at least one job. I'm so grateful to have been given these opportunities, the universe has truly blessed me. Stay tuned folks for updates on my first day, and just things in general, hopefully when my financial situation improves I will have something else to talk about, LOL!


Emme Toaye said...

Congratulations on the new job! They are scarce these days and employers are demanding more of you and paying less because they know there are too many out of work people out there. I haven't been checking blogs much lately my silly computer is about 70 years old in computer years and keeps getting slower and slower. Take care though and go get 'em!

Nydia said...

Congrats on the new job! Great news indeed!